As a boutique consultancy, we scope each engagement around your unique needs. 



& Coaching

Whether you need an experienced design and innovation consultant to better understand your challenge and uncover new user insights or design opportunities; or if you just need some support and coaching on a current project, MCBD can help you move your idea or project forward quickly.

Sample engagements include:

  • Design research
  • Uncovering user insights
  • Developing design opportunities
  • Business process design
  • Organizational design
  • Team building and alignment


  • Customized deliverables based on your individual project needs
  • One-on-one consulting, coaching, and resources 
  • Ongoing support during implementation phases (a recommended follow-on to Facilitated Workshops or Customized Classes to support project success)


Facilitated workshops introduce participants to the process, methods, and mindsets behind Design Thinking. Workshops are interactive, allowing participants to experience Design Thinking for themselves. 

Sample workshops include:

  • Introduction to Design Thinking Bootcamp
  • Event design and facilitated sessions for Board Meetings, Corporate Retreats, etc.


  • Introduction to a new, creative, problem-solving method
  • Hands-on experience with the Design Thinking process
  • Increased creative confidence for participants

Customized Classes 

Customized classes allow your team to dig deeper on a tailored topic, whether its an element of the Design Thinking process you want to master, or a current real-world challenge you are working on that could use a fresh approach.

Sample classes include:

  • Empathy Building
  • Better Brainstorms
  • Prototyping 101
  • User Feedback and Testing
  • Tiny Hacks


  • A deeper-dive into the Design Thinking process, mindsets, and methods 
  • Customized class challenges to help move a team or project forward
  • Facilitated worksessions